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Tracy Collamore


Artist's Statement

Nancy Drew Muppet Van Gogh's Room Office Space Garden Globe (Self Portrait) Movie Night Peek-A-Boo Red Rider Cozy Coupe Deflated (Self Portrait)

Tracy Collamore

Paradox, a solo exhibition of the works of Tracy Collamore, is an unusual collection of found still-life oil paintings that question the dichotomy of reason and emotion.

A paradox is an absurdity, a contradiction that oftentimes can be proven true. It is a term used prolifically throughout the thought-processes of reason (or the lack thereof). The Paradox of Place is a concept of infinite regress, a reality in which I find myself everyday. The paradox is simple: in order to get from point A to point B, you first must travel half the distance. Then, it's half of what's left, then half of what's left, then half of what's left… to infinity.

Where is the truth in this paradox? I haven't figured it out yet. This struggle is too close. But what I do find in each day, is a subtle shifting and moving of stuff. Stuff that collects dust from neglect, stuff that is haphazardly left in odd places, and stuff that sprawls underfoot and finds a way of tripping up my journey. This stuff slowly shifts around me, as continental plates shift underfoot. So I document it. I find these arrangements of things and record the evidence that is my paradox

Tracy Collamore is an Associate Faculty member of Art at Post University in Waterbury, CT and Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, PA where she teaches Art History. She earned her MFA in Painting from Western CT State University in 2009 and her BA in Studio Art with Honors from Moravian College in 1996. Tracy Collamore lives and works in Wolcott, CT.

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